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USARA Raffle 2010

  • 09/18/2010
  • Fort Benning, Georgia

Raffle Winners:

1st Prize - MAC-10 S/A 9mm by Kimber Arms.

Hal Reeves

2nd Prize - Taurus Judge revolver, 410/45 Cal

Linc German

3rd Prize - USARA Fairbairn-Sykes MkII by Ek Knife Co.

Gary Engen



The USARA is currently raising money to support our efforts to serve active duty and veteran Rangers; to help our cause; we are holding a raffle whereupon those donating are eligible to win one of the following prizes:

1st Prize - MAC-10 S/A 9mm by Kimber Arms.

Legal redo of that favorite Ingram submachine pistol, includes case and accessories. When Gordon B. Ingram first designed his M10 in 9 mm and .45ACP at his Powder Springs Georgia plant, little did he know that this design would be one that would captivate a number of different types of machine gun enthusiasts.  His M10, in the early 1970s, embodied the spirit of making things smaller, more compact, and less expensive.  He also believed in the philosophy that the fewer the working parts, the less that things can break. His theories are now axioms, as the MAC has become almost notoriously known as the most reliable sub-machine gun ever built.

2nd Prize - Taurus Judge revolver, 410/45 Cal

The newest version of the Judge might just revolutionize small frame revolvers. The Model 4510 Public Defender delivers the same devastating repower in a new scaled-down size that can travel with you. Available in a carbon steel or stainless steel frame and with the option of a Titanium cylinder, the new Public Defender also features a reduced pro le hammer that won’t catch when it needs to come out quickly.

3rd Prize - USARA Fairbairn-Sykes MkII by Ek Knife Co.

The Fairbairn-Sykes is probably the most-revered military fighting knife of all time, made famous in World War II by the British Commandos, the U.S. Army Rangers, the SAS, SOE and Allied combat troops in all theaters of operations. The U.S. Army Ranger Association recognizes the Ek Fairbairn-Sykes MkII as the evolutionary successor to the World War II F-S, as used by our Ranger forebears. As Rangers we are trained in and experiences with fighting knives, and this is the knife we have chosen to represent us.

Note: Regarding firearms; USARA complies with all legal requirments with regard to the transfer of the above named prizes. Details will be explained to each winner.

Raffle tickets donation is only $5.00; so buy several.

For tickets or questions contact Art Silsby, VP, Personnel by email at asilsby@windstream.net or by telephone at (478) 628-2406 or mail him at:

Art Silsby

US Army Ranger Association
P.O. Box 341
Gordon, Georgia 31031

Raffle tickets are also available from any of USARA officers and Regional Directors listed on the "USARA Leadership" pages on our website.

Prize winners will be announced on September 18, 2010.