USARA Scholarship Program

The US Army Ranger Association Scholarship Program currently offers the USARA Michael B. Ranger Legacy Scholarship.  Click on the preceding links to read the details of each scholarship.

The USARA Scholarship Program provides financial grants to students who plan to attend, or are already attending, an accredited college or university pursuing and undergraduate degree, or higher technical trade school. Scholarship awards are provided to assist with tuition, books, fees, supplies and room and board and other expenses at the attending University/School.   


The USARA Michael B. Ranger Legacy Scholarship is supported by donations from USARA members and the general public. The number of scholarships to be awarded annually will vary based on funding; however, the scholarships will generally not exceed $3,000 nor be less than $1,000 per award. The 1LT Dimitri A. del Castillo Scholarship is supported by his family and public donations. The number of scholarships to be awarded annually will vary; the scholarship amount is $5,000 per awardee.


Application Request Form

Perspective applicants must complete the online Application Request Form that provides the Association's Scholarship Committee with information necessary to determine eligibility and tracks the date and time each request is made. Request must be made online: there is no paper-based form. Application Request Forms must be completed by the applicant, not by a parent, friend or other person. Evidence that an Application or Application Request Form has been completed by a third-party will disqualify the applicant from further consideration. Applicants will receive confirmation by email of receipt of the Application Request Form.

Eligibility Determination

Upon receipt of the request, the Scholarship Committee chairman will verify the following:

That the applicant is a Qualified Dependent of the USARA member referenced on the request form.
That the applicant requesting eligibility as a qualified child or spouse of a fallen tabbed or scrolled Ranger has provided a Transcript of Military Records (DA Form 1569) or Statement of Service (AHRC Form 2496-E) as proof that the sponsor was killed-in-action or training as well as copies the Fallen Ranger’s DA orders awarding the Ranger Tab and/or documented proof of assignment to the 75th Ranger Regiment.

Notification of eligibility

Upon confirmation, the applicant will receive notification of eligibility by email.  Applicants will be also notified if not eligible; or that additional information is required.

Scholarship Application Instructions and Application Forms

Eligible applicants will be provided with electronic access the Scholarship Application Instructions and Scholarship Application Form link. Applicants must have the latest version of Adobe Reader to download, save and read the Instructions.  Links are not available to any person other than the applicant. 

Scholarship Application Submission

The applicant must complete and submit the online Scholarship Application along with uploading required supporting documentation, as outlined in the Scholarship Application Instructions in accordance with date/time set forth in the Application Scholarship Process Schedule.  Application submissions will not be accepted by regular mail or any other means.

Award Selection

Following the close of the application period, the Scholarship Committee will review and score each application. Selection of awardees rests solely with the USARA Scholarship Committee. Awards will be based on the final, weighted order of merit of all applicants; and the amount of funds available during the given scholarship year. Scholarships will be awarded without regard to race, sex, color, religion, national origin, orientation, or physical disability. The selection of awardees shall be final and binding and no effort to contest the selection will be accepted.

Announcement of Awards

Following review, the Scholarship Committee Members will report an order of merit of applicants to to President and Treasurer, who will award amounts based on funding. Awardees will be informed by the USARA President prior to publication to the public.


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