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How to Start a Ranger Base

What is a Ranger Base?

A Ranger Base is a chartered extension of USARA in a local area or region. What Rangers chose to do within a Ranger Base is organic and is expected to fall within the constitutional mission of USARA.

Rangers Bases commonly meet for lunches, breakfasts, or other events on a regular basis; however, the survival and growth of a Ranger Base often contingent upon having a local mission. In other words, the local membership and leadership will have greater success if they develop ideas to keep Rangers coming back every month.


Some ideas include, but are not limited to:

  • Marching in Veterans Day Parades
  • Participating in Memorial Day events
  • Participating in various walks, runs, and marches honoring veterans and Rangers
  • Raising money for scholarships (local and national)
  • Honoring fallen Rangers and members of Merrill’s Marauders, etc.
  • Raising money through t-shirt sales and challenge coin sales
  • Naming a stretch of highway or a bridge after a Ranger
  • Getting a state-approved Ranger license plate


Requirements to start a Ranger Base:

10 current USARA members must submit a request for a provisional charter to the USARA president, executive vice president, and regional director.

Bases are named in honor of a Ranger. As part of the charter process, notarized permission must be submitted from the family of the Ranger for whom the Base will be named.  

Elect a local provisional Commander and Executive Officer (XO) who are USARA members.  Leadership must maintain communication with the regional and national leadership, and provide a report to the board of directors on an annual basis.

Generally speaking, Rangers of a Ranger Base live within a two-hour drive of the chartered city. For example, the Middle Tennessee Ranger Base consists of Rangers who live within a two-hour drive of Franklin TN. 

What About the Money We Raise?

USARA is a 501c3 non-profit organization and has specific reporting requirements with the IRS. The USARA treasurer will safeguard funds in the USARA bank accounts and set up a ledger for your Ranger Base. Separate or local bank accounts for Ranger Bases are not permitted.

Where Do Ranger Bases Meet?

USARA does not have the assets to purchase land and a building for your Ranger Base. Most Ranger Bases meet in restaurants or bars. Others meet in local restaurants or pubs, or at other veteran friendly locations such as American Legion or VFW halls.

How Do I Organize My First Meeting?

Pick a time and place to have a meeting and start calling your local Ranger buddies! Social media is a great way to advertise. Your regional and national leadership stands ready to help make your first meeting a success through our social media. You can also go to under the “members only” feature and find USARA members in your state. Wear Ranger hats and t-shirts when you leave the house. The idea for a Flora-Bama Ranger Base began when two Rangers met in a grocery store and began talking. One of them was wearing a hat with a Ranger Tab. Never underestimate the power of two Rangers. The first meeting of the Rangers who created the Michigan Ranger Base consisted of two local Rangers and the Regional Director.

What about Fellow Travelers?

Although a Ranger Base must have at least ten members who are USARA members, any Ranger can become a member.  Additionally, fellow travelers are always welcome to attend.  By “fellow travelers,” we mean spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, SF, Paratroopers, SEALS, Delta Force, etc. Most Ranger Bases have an open door policy towards these people attending meetings. USARA has membership options for these non-Ranger fellow travelers. They can form an important part of your Base. Fellow Travelers can not be counted towards the 10 initial members needed for your provisional charter.


Rangers form an instant bond with one another, no matter what era he or she served. Ranger Bases are an extension of this bond. We believe you’ll find that gathering with fellow Rangers will be the highlight of your month. 


Rangers Lead the Way!