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Annual Ranger Muster (ARM) 2017

This evening, Monday April 17, 2017, USARA Members will be able to register for ARM 2017 using the USARA Event Registration System on this page and the ARM 2017 Information Page.

 Register for ARM 2017

The ARM 2017 Information Page will also include a downloadable ARM 2017 Event/Activity Schedule; also, detailed information regarding the 2017 Raffle (includes ten (10) significant items); the VA Briefing, Menus for the President's Reception and Dinner; and other important information.  

ARM 2017 Schedule of Events & Activities


Ranger Soldier Appreciation Night

Help us support Ranger Soldier appreciation night Monday, June 26, 2017.  If you are not coming to ARM2017 you can still help by clicking on the following link: Ranger Soldier Appreciation Night Sponsorship.  You can sponsor one or several Rangers for this event.  You do not need to be a member of USARA to provide this sponsorship.

If you are planning to attend ARM 2017, you can sign up for sponsorship when you register.

ARM 2017 Hotel Reservations

USARA has pre-booked 150 rooms at the DoubleTree Hotel (ARM Host) and 34 rooms at the Fairfield Inn (Overflow Hotel).  Room will be held for USARA until May 26, 2017. After that date, any and all rooms/suites not reserved with individual guest's name and guaranteed will be released to general inventory for sale.  Click on the link below to make your reservation or call (706) 327-6868 and use Code: USARA 2017.

DoubleTree Reservations

We appreciate your patience...

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